Using Social Media to Help Job Search

Using Social Media to Help Job Search
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The growth of social media has been so explosive in magnitude in recent time; no one would have predicted it would be so. Therefore it is left for us to get the maximal benefits it offers, because it comes with multitudes of advantages with little or no disadvantages. People can now network, advertise, share information and interact meaningfully across the social network platforms like linkedin , Facebook, twitter, yelp, instagram, and so on.

The time of submitting paper CVs is fast becoming a thing of the past, you can now get jobs through social media platforms by simply ensuring that your profile is constantly updated to display your skills, as well as join groups that are relevant to your area of specialization. Just to cite one example, within the last few years, more than a million people have gotten quality jobs through LinkedIn.

The social media sites to use for job search
Social media and social networking are the rage right now, in business and in private life. We humans like to connect with each other, and we have just discovered a wonderful venue emerging for us to use. Naturally, as with anything social, job search is a large portion of what is happening.
Social media has become a fast and cheap "background check" that is often done before inviting a job applicant in for an interview. Employers search social media to verify the facts on resumes, to check out knowledge and attitudes expressed publicly , and evaluate communications skills.

The professional's social network, LinkedIn is the network preferred by most employers. LinkedIn is a large professional network where members connect with each other, participate in Groups, connect, and interact with each other. Linkedin has over 460 million members (mid-2017), and is widely viewed as the most business-like and professional of the social networks.

Twitter is the most conversational social platform of these three. The brands and people you engage with directly impact your followers' perception of you, and may affect whether hiring managers believe you're worthy of working for the company or not. What you say and how you say it will have an effect on your job search.

Although Facebook still isn’t a core method of finding a job in today’s market, it can be a very easy way to lose one if you’re not careful. You need to make sure that your Facebook wall is either suitable for viewing by potential employers or sufficiently protected by your privacy settings. To block non-friends from seeing the content on your wall, simply go to the privacy section of your account settings.

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